Saturday, July 15, 2006



I seem to have lost interest in this blog, although it may be actually updated from time to time. However, if you wish to see something updated more often, you could go to my sign collection blog:

Yes, an awkward name, but it gets the job done. There's a link in there to tell you how to submit stuff, too. I would love for people to do that. If people could do that, I might be able to actually post every day.

Thank you and may the pigeons fly upside down when you wash your car.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

local color.

So once in a while I go to this thing called Opera Cabaret. It's neither opera nor cabaret, but it explains local color in my hometown better than anything else I can think of. First, you've got to know that my hometown has a LOT of people of Italian descent in it. (This results in fantastic, small restaurants and great smells emanating from the North Side, but it also results in things like opera cabaret and grape arbors in the front yard.)

I'm not slamming Opera Cabaret. It's actually quite special, and completely amusing if you approach it right.

First, you have to understand the charm that is Giorgio. He is the only person pictured in this set of photos, and I don't really know how to describe him. He sounds as funny as he looks. He's usually seen around town in a mesh t-shirt (black), black cut-off shorts, purple socks, black velcro sneakers, and a scarf around his neck. He's strangely thin with a really exaggerated hunched back and paunchy abdomen. But a sweet man, nonetheless, and he's the force behind Opera Cabaret.

His sisters (two extremely short Italian women who tell corny jokes) are the helpers for the show. They come around to your table and pass out chewy, unsalted, unbuttered popcorn that is impossible to digest - much less masticate. It tastes awful, but it too is a Cabaret experience.

Oh, a Corino girls joke?
Q: what do you use frozen band-aids for?
A: cold cuts!

But the girls are great.
On to the music. Giorgio gets local people to come sing songs for the cabaret (no pay involved), and it's known as Una Serata di Gioia - an evening of joy. They usually sing a few opera songs and/or musical theater numbers. And Giorgio sings too.

It used to be the most hilarious thing in the world to go to OC, because the singing was legendarily awful. Vibratos wider than the naked eye could perceive, and some really crazy showmanship. The pianist would actually get up and yell at the performers if they made a mistake back in the day. Now one of the local performers with the Tri Cities Opera has taken over artistic directorship, and it's actually getting pretty good musically. In one way, an improvement. In another way, a disappointment, because I seriously think the *bad* singing was part of its essence.

Three of my favorites were Giorgio, this soprano named Mary Jo, and this guy Dick. Giorgio is explained by his pictures. Mary Jo... defies explanation. She acted like such a diva, but her singing was so awful that most people laughed at her constantly. She never realized it, and just chalked it up to her superior stage presence. She was terrible (didn't perform this past time). Dick is a man who sings Irish ditties who gets more and more soused as the night goes on.

Anyway - here are some pictures from the night. The sign on the table is indeed authentic. Can anyone translate? I'd love to know what it actually says.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

pictures, both serious and silly.

My dad is gallavanting around Southeast Asia right now, taking crazy-good photos. He's pretty gifted. Look at this shot to the left, and you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyway, if you're interested in photos AND you have a taste for the multicultural (along with his amusing take on his adventures), go visit his website:

On a funny note, there are no-dog-pooping signs all over Europe. My parents took pictures of quite a few that were funny, but I found this one recently on some website during my less sophisticated internet explorations, and thought it was far and away the best. Note the expression on the top pooch's face. Classic.
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Monday, May 01, 2006

2 cents.

what you see above you is a piece of my check to Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, because of income taxes.

Yes, I wrote the check because I thought the amount was silly. And because I thought "JEEZ! Can't Temple even get THIS right?"

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

stolen from Sherri

I haven't been posting on this blog in a while... the past couple weeks have been tough, and have forced me to examine some things about my past and my future. It's become a very personal struggle, and the only people who really would understand are the people who know who is involved in said struggle.

To make a long story short:
1. my favorite prof was denied tenure.
2. a bunch of alumni wrote to the dean in his support, to say "this is wrong, give him tenure."
3. I decided to write too.
4. I had trouble writing my letter, even though this is my favorite educator of all time, simply because I'm a flute player.

explanation: the flute professor hates this other professor, and so I became caught in the middle, because I liked other professor and was not afraid to say so. As a result, I was one of the top players in the studio, but I received little respect (if any) simply because of my good rapport with said prof.

I could go into WHY the flute prof hates the other prof, but it's such a long story, and it's really ridiculous, and it made me lose a lot of respect for the man who made it possible for me to be as good as a flute player as I am today.

So I'm still caught in the middle and bitter about it, so I won't do that. I wrote my letter in support, and it was well-written and professional. And I struggled and hurt and still can't believe the hurt is as fresh today as it was 4 years ago.

Imagine! The finest flute teacher I've ever worked with saying to me:
"You know, E, I just can't imagine you as a music teacher."

and as I exited other prof's office,

"so, coming out of your apartment? That's where you live, isn't it?"

and then saying in front of his entire studio,
"as if I give a damn what [other professor] thinks!"

So I lost respect for the guy as a person, but I still owe him almost all of my musicianship. That kills me.

OK, so the meme.

I'm supposed to state 6 weird or unconventional things about myself. Most of you already know that I'm pretty darn unconventional. Here goes:

1. When I get too warm, there is nothing I love more than putting a clean pair of socks in the freezer for half an hour and then putting them on. whoosh!

1a (this is still about socks): I am obsessed with matching my socks perfectly. So much so that I even put a permanent marker dot of a unique color on each sock every time I buy a new set. This way, I don't get my "batches" confused if I have similar batches of socks. Compulsive? yes. Effective? also yes.

2. If I take Amoxicilin (the antibiotic), I become lactose intolerant. Oddly enough, no other antibiotics have this effect on me.

3. I must wear plain white cotton socks to bed, or I can't sleep.

4. I can't sleep if my legs are not in pajama pants, regardless of how hot it is. I hate the feeling of sheets on bare legs. Especially if I have not shaved within the last 12 hours. (I'm a hairy girl.)

5. If I'm hungry and I DON'T want to eat, I watch the food network, because it makes me lose my appetite.

6. I still have nightmares about my abusive ex. No kidding.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

patience grows weeds.

so I really stepped in it this time.

My mouth got me in trouble again.

When, Emilie-la-bavarde, are you going to learn that you must actually REALIZE what you're saying before you just blurt it out?

I need to learn. Maybe I actually will someday.


Saturday, April 08, 2006


Yay to Pip for giving me such a wonderful meme!

Here are the rules:
Go to Google images.
Google-image the answer to each of these questions.
You MUST post the FIRST image result.

Here they be!

1. Your age on your next birthday:

2. Your favorite color:

3. Your middle name (if you have more than one, then include an image for each):

4. The last meal you ate:

5. Your bad habit:

6. Your favorite fruit or vegetable:

7. Your favorite animal:

8. The town you live in:

9. Name of your pet (or past pet; or younger sibling):

10. Best friend's nickname:

11. Your first name:

12. Your last name:

Bonus #1. Your nickname:

Bonus #2. Your favorite book:

Bonus #3. Your favorite actor/actress:

Bonus #4. Your favorite composer:

Bonus #5. Your alma mater: