Thursday, June 30, 2005


I have an address! A home!

Yesterday and today, mommy and I went house/apartment-hunting in Hancock and the neighboring town of Deposit. Yesterday ran a dry spell except for a perfectly hideous 4-bedroom house whose rent was incredibly cheap ($475/month for a HOUSE!), but whose carpet was pink and whose walls were either swimming-pool blue or dingy fake wood paneling. It did have 3 porches, though. Today I looked at 2 apartment places. The first was in Hancock, a mere block from my job (I could see school out my window - blargh), and I had my choice of an upstairs or downstairs 4-room place with kitchen and bath. The upstairs one was acceptable, and actually quite nice, but it was SO close to school. I thought I could deal with it if I had to, but I wanted to see what Deposit had to offer.

So I arrived in Deposit. Beautiful, big, old white house with light blue shutters and a large front porch for sitting. Hanging plants and a wreath on the door (joy!). I went in and met the very friendly, slightly old-ish landlord and landlady. Then we saw the place. Ohhh, love. First, the rooms are huge. Granted, there's only a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom, but they're HUGE. High ceilings, because it's a (drumroll please) Historical House. My entryway lets you into a closed-in porch-ish thing that is actually adjacent to the kitchen, with a partial dividing wall in between. The kitchen? Huge. Painted entirely, pure white. Immaculate. Cute little cabinets for everything imaginable. I have to buy my own stove and fridge, but that means I'll be able to keep them forever. The living room and bedroom have high ceilings and walls covered in real wood paneling with intricate little carvings all over them. The living room's walls are painted white, but tastefully so. The bedroom is still its natural stain. Also in the living room is this beautiful amazing perfect little china cabinet built into the wall. I have no china, so I think I'll just put other stuff in it. Glass doors, so I can put my pretty books on display. Joy!

The drawbacks:
one closet in the whole place. And it's small and a utility closet.
I have to buy my own stove and refrigerator.
The carpet is green.
The rent is higher than any other 1-bedroom I've seen, but a lot less than Philly, for more floor space.
The bathroom is kind of not perfect... but it is acceptable.

The advantages:
Utilities are included.
It is such a beautiful house!!!
It's more space than I've ever had before.
I can CHOOSE my appliances, and if I want a gas stove, by golly I can have one, because the kitchen is set up for both.
To make up for lack of closet, the landlords put a wardrobe in the bedroom that's quite nice.
The lady before me was incredibly, amazingly clean, so the appartment is amazingly clean.
The kitchen and living room are SOOOOO cute.
Safe neighborhood.
Privacy; it's 10 miles from school, so I can keep work at work and home at home.
Green is better than pink.
I have my own parking place, off the street. (all other places were on-street parking.)
I can use the big ole porch for reading and watching the world go by. And maybe guitar-ing.
It's cable-ready.
Lots of outlets, and up-to-date wiring.
On-site landlords who have a dog.
No-smoking building (a plus for Emily).

Oh yeah, and the biggest advantage of all? I walked into it and felt at home. The most important, and best, part.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Are they biting?

Oh, Blogger, how I love thee. Thou lettest me put pictures up from my computer, without charging me money to do so. Blogger is good. Alas and alack, I am not on my own computer right now, so my picture supply is limited, especially since I forgot my beautiful jump-drive on this weekend jaunt to Philly. I will gloat and giggle with glee that I can get to my dad's gator picture. For you logistic-o-philes, it's at the dead fish tower in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Dad likes Southeast Asia. A lot.

My family has this long-standing joke with things that bite. It started out on a school camping trip that my dad chaperoned while my brother was a 6th-grader. As is normal for sixth-grade boys, they started screwing around late at night, after "lights out." My dad, being the affable, reasonable chaperone that he is, said,
"Come on guys, do you want Mr. Shereddy to come over here and yell at us?"
(yes, the man's name really was Mr. Shereddy. Pronounced like "Shred" with an extra "er" in the middle. and an "eee" on the end.)
My brother's giggly, ecstatic sixth grade response?

"Are the Shereddies biting tonight?"

I guess something about the way he said it cracked everyone up, and it still cracks my family up to tell the story. So we have lots of fun finding pictures of things that bite and sending them to each other. This is one of those pictures. That and it's just a really cool picture of gators doing... gator stuff. They look happy.

For some unknown reason, certain small breeds of dogs that tend to bark a lot (excluding dachshunds) have also earned "Shereddy" status. They are known as Shereddy-dogs.

This is not a Shereddy-dog. It is Cinnamon, trying to lick the camera lens. She does not bite.

Oooh, I love this picture thing.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Here I am, in Philly, typing a blog. I just finished a glass of wine - Banrock Station Cabernet Sauvignon, to be exact. Maybe I'm not a very good wine drinker, but I especially like this stuff. I am in looooove with red wine. It has to be my very favorite drink ever. And now I'm starting to feel it.

This weekend is packing weekend for me. I have to get all (the rest of) my stuff into my little tiny, beautiful 1997 Corolla, and then drive it up to Binghamton so I can store it temporarily at my parents so then I can move it to my new apartment, which I have yet to see.

Wednesday I'm going to go sign the papers for my job and look at apartments in the near vicinity. I'm hoping to find something - especially since this place has NO apartment listings on the net, except for senior-citizen and/or assisted living.

My mother has lilies in the back yard. The orange kind.

She also has the pale orange, peachy ones.

I like these lilies. They provided me an excellent way to test out my daddy's new digicam, which is veeeeery sweet.

I also have been playing a lot of my dad's guitar lately. I feel a connection to him when I do this. I also get very pensive. My dad took this picture after he had taught me this nifty-cool ornament to use between a C and D chord. It took forever for me to learn, but I've almost got it. I've also almost got his trick of going way up the neck on this one song he did.

And now, it is time for bed. The bed I called home for so long, but now isn't home. It's weird - now that I've moved out of this place -- at least partially -- I can see more flaws in it. I can see the sagging ceilings (!!), the seams along the walls, the dents from the carpenter's hammers that never got spackled, the leaks in the ceiling... etc. It's a pretty badly-built place. I'm looking forward to finding a new place. I'm sad that it won't be a home with JJ for a while. But it is bedtime.

Good night, my someones...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Cinnamon a few days ago. Posted by Hello

getting to know Blog

Well, I'm starting to figure this out a little. I think. I'm trying to. Higher learning curve. But if I can deal with 20 screaming kindergarteners in one room, I should be able to figure out how to type a blog on a new program.

On a different note:
I got a job offer! Yes, that's right, a real job. One of those things where they give you a salary, and health insurance, and all kinds of other cool stuff. I'm this close to taking it. I was told that another school would tell me the results by Thursday, but I'm not hopeful about that one anymore. If I were offered a job in both places, I'd have some thinking to do, and pros and cons to weigh. Both places are small districts in Southern Tier NY, pretty rural, and both jobs are K-12 general music and chorus. The advantages to the job offer I have right now include:
  1. The principal is a musician, and would be very supportive of the program, if I wanted his help. He'd also be my mentor for my first year.
  2. I start in September, which means my benefits start in October, which means only 1 month without health insurance.
  3. There are more day-to-day resources in the first place, such as a grocery store and multiple gas stations and drug stores.
  4. I'm closer to my parents by 20 miles, which means more proximity to the weiner dog and more proximity to an airport and a mall. Yes, you have to drive 45 miles to the nearest mall from this town.
  5. There is opportunity to develop my own curriculum - maybe add a music theory course or something.
  6. This music program is more established and known about than the other, which implies to me a little more musical competence on the parts of the kiddies.

So it's starting to look good. I'm going to wait until I hear from the other place. But I think town A looks good. Although it would have been fun to live in town B, just for the following facts:

  • Buffalo Zach's gourmet coffee. I'm not joking about the name.
  • Buffalo Zach's is right next door to one of several bait and tackle shops.

hmm. Maybe I could go visit Buffalo Zach's if I needed to. And besides, Town A has a place called "Awesome Subs and Ice Cream." Awesome.

And that is that. I'm going to try to post my newest picture of the weenie just for fun... and because she's so darn cute. We'll see how this works.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

my favorite painting Posted by Hello


I'm new here... coming from xanga. I want to try this out.