Wednesday, June 22, 2005

getting to know Blog

Well, I'm starting to figure this out a little. I think. I'm trying to. Higher learning curve. But if I can deal with 20 screaming kindergarteners in one room, I should be able to figure out how to type a blog on a new program.

On a different note:
I got a job offer! Yes, that's right, a real job. One of those things where they give you a salary, and health insurance, and all kinds of other cool stuff. I'm this close to taking it. I was told that another school would tell me the results by Thursday, but I'm not hopeful about that one anymore. If I were offered a job in both places, I'd have some thinking to do, and pros and cons to weigh. Both places are small districts in Southern Tier NY, pretty rural, and both jobs are K-12 general music and chorus. The advantages to the job offer I have right now include:
  1. The principal is a musician, and would be very supportive of the program, if I wanted his help. He'd also be my mentor for my first year.
  2. I start in September, which means my benefits start in October, which means only 1 month without health insurance.
  3. There are more day-to-day resources in the first place, such as a grocery store and multiple gas stations and drug stores.
  4. I'm closer to my parents by 20 miles, which means more proximity to the weiner dog and more proximity to an airport and a mall. Yes, you have to drive 45 miles to the nearest mall from this town.
  5. There is opportunity to develop my own curriculum - maybe add a music theory course or something.
  6. This music program is more established and known about than the other, which implies to me a little more musical competence on the parts of the kiddies.

So it's starting to look good. I'm going to wait until I hear from the other place. But I think town A looks good. Although it would have been fun to live in town B, just for the following facts:

  • Buffalo Zach's gourmet coffee. I'm not joking about the name.
  • Buffalo Zach's is right next door to one of several bait and tackle shops.

hmm. Maybe I could go visit Buffalo Zach's if I needed to. And besides, Town A has a place called "Awesome Subs and Ice Cream." Awesome.

And that is that. I'm going to try to post my newest picture of the weenie just for fun... and because she's so darn cute. We'll see how this works.


Blogger Sonja said...

Sounds great! I'm happy for you!

June 23, 2005 9:47 AM  

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