Monday, July 18, 2005

old friends

Tomorrow - or, today, rather, as it's nearly 2 am - I'm going up to Baldwinsville to visit an old friend of mine: Christine. Or, as I like to call her, Enitsirhc. We decided one day to figure out our names backward, and so now that's how we write our letters to each other. In fact, we wrote a novel (!) in eighth grade that used backwards names to name the characters. Enitsirhc and Ylime were the leads, and we also had characters such as Idoj, Neelloc, and Leahcar. It was a craaaazy story. Just the thing you'd expect from a pair of (slightly silly) eighth graders. I'm not sure if either one of us still has a copy.
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Anyway - she got married just over a year ago, and I'm going to visit her and her husband in their new home. I'm excited to stay in better contact with her. I'm still slightly amazed that we've stayed in at least casual contact since I went to public high school and she continued on in the Catholic high school system. But I'm also glad of it.

Christine was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen in real life. This is the only recent picture I have of her, and it's downloaded from her friendster profile, so... you know.

On a different note about Enitsirhc... I started reading Sonja's blog once upon a time on xanga because I thought (at the time) that Sonja looked like Christine (and vice versa). Now not so much so, but if you look at Sonja's senior high school picture compared to a high school picture of Christine, it's kind of uncanny. Yes, Sonja, I read you now for your own merit. But I don't know if I ever told you that... or the whole blogging world for that matter.

I'm excited about my trip and seeing an old friend. It promises to be exciting!


Blogger Biotress said...

I came across your blog by hitting the "next" button and just thought I would say "hi."

July 18, 2005 2:03 AM  
Blogger Sonja said...

Well I can't be insulted that you think I look like her because she's pretty. :-)

July 18, 2005 10:41 AM  

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