Saturday, August 06, 2005

I don't get it.

(Don't fret, folks. I moved into the apartment today but forgot a whole mother lode of stuff at my parents, so I came back for an evening and will return tomorrow... on to blog!)

There are some things I just don't get. Usually I can derive extreme amusement out of these things. Today's events amused me quite well. It happened as follows, with minor exaggeration added to enhance effect.

Mom and I went to Target to pick up some of the things I didn't realize I needed for my new, awesome apartment (such as an outdoor garbage can), and Mom saw a package of washcloths on sale. She got all excited and snatched them up, proud of her purchase. Then she came home to show Dad. An approximation of the conversation follows:

Mom: "Look, I got some new washcloths!"
Dad, looking puzzled: "umm, gee, that's great. I didn't know we needed any."
Mom: "Now we don't have to use the ones that go with the towels!"
Dad, looking even more bewildered: "huh???"
Mom: "well, if you use them, then they get all--"
Dad, cutting her off: "--USED? oh, wait, I get it. It's like leaving the plastic on the lampshade."
Mom: "That's what NORMAL people do!"
Dad, ever more gleeful at his mockery: "no one in this house is qualified to describe a state of normalcy!"

Then I started ranting about some of Mom's other habits and giggling. (And, yes, she actually DID leave the plastic on the lampshades for... years. Never mind that there are warnings about it being a fire hazard and her father is a retired firefighter.) For example: you know those rugs that come with cars to prevent the floor of the car from getting dirty? Well, Mom buys rugs to put ON TOP OF said rugs, ostensibly to keep the rugs clean. When I inherited her old car, I immediately disposed of the top layer of rugs, and she didn't seem to understand why I didn't want two layers of rugs on top of my already-carpeted car floor.

Maybe she'd enjoy a clean room between our house and the garage, so that her car will never get dirty. THAT would be funny. But I'd better not mention it to her, or it just might get done.

That reminded me of a conversation JJ had with her grandmother a while back. Grandmother had gotten a whole bunch of TV dinners, and JJ asked her if she's enjoying them. Grandmother replied that she hadn't had any yet, and didn't want to, because once she ate them, she wouldn't have them anymore.

I don't get it. But I am definitely amused, and the amusement these people provide for me only increases my affection for them.


Anonymous fluter said...

Currently i'm considering sewing a flute bag cover for my flute bag. Maybe i'm a nut too :) I just don't want my flute bag to be all warn out... in case i need to resell it later :)

August 07, 2005 12:17 PM  
Blogger Sonja said...

Baha, so funny. :-)

August 08, 2005 10:15 AM  

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