Tuesday, September 27, 2005

bad day

Today was not a good day.

I began my day with a flat-ish tire. This tire had been losing air a bit lately, so I kept checking the pressure, and it lost about 10 psi per 24 hours. Not good. So I reinflated it and went to school.

5th grade music was okay, but not great. Not their best, but not their worst. They're a great class.

High school chorus... engh. It took longer than usual to get them to quiet down, and then they were pretty darn rude. Not a nightmare, but rude. I gave them their usual reminder about music marking (don't write on your music, etc.), and of course, people doodled on their music. They passed one piece in, and it had marks on it. So I stopped class and held them up, and asked whodunnit. No answer. A second song happened, and they ended class like that, and it sounded pretty okay. Not great, but okay. I asked them to place their music neatly in a pile on the table. Evidently "neatly" is not a word that enters their minds. Big ol' pile o' music. At that point, some girls came up to me after class. First a girl gave me a piece of music, apologized, and explained that there was gum between the pages when she got it, and she was sorry, please don't make her pay for it, etc. etc. I knew she wasn't lying. Then a couple others handed me a pile and explained that two girls in the back were doddling/writing on the music and that they hid it in that pile.

What was on that music is not fit for me to type in any form. But it called me a few choice names. I don't like that kind of stuff.

Then middle school chorus. It was okay, but not great. But after class, a girl who was clearly upset about something, came to tell me that there were some rumors going around about me. She told them to me, and they were very innovative and unfounded and stupid. Typical middle school stuff... and worse. Again, not worth repeating.

I also got told that I looked like I worked at McDonald's, because I was wearing a coral-colored shirt with a pair of black pants. whoops. I never knew McD's workers were such snazzy dressers.

Such stuff normally doesn't upset me. But then kindergarten happened.

I came into the room after walking them down the hallway, and they were making cute little noises...
"bop bop bop bop bop bop"
and they wouldn't stop.

Their classroom teacher came into my room and asked me to keep track of those noises, because she had had a problem with them all day.

Well, the noises stopped. The girl and 2 boys that were the culprits then decided that it would be fun to clap. So they clapped. And clapped. And clapped.

I offered one boy a time-out chair, and he yelled "NO!" and went under the table. Then, as I tried to start one song, he crawled all over the floor and started grabbing other students' legs.

Meanwhile his little friend continued the noises.

Meanwhile the girl started clapping.

When the first boy finally got into his chair, I thought we should sing a song. So I started to sing a song. Then the 2 boys and girl decided that it would be fun to scream while the rest of the class tried to sing.

So I stopped. I brought the other boy to the time out chair. He got up and started playing with my ipod-speaker setup. (I use an ipod and set of portable speakers so I can get CD's out of my own collection and not haul them everywhere.) I told him to sit down, and he said, "no!" So I took him by the hand and he squirmed out of it and went back to the time-out chair.

Then boy 1 started screaming the s-word over and over, and boy 2 joined him. The rest of the class, cute little angels that they are, were horrified. jeeeeeeeeez.

At that point the classroom teacher came in and removed the 2 boys from the room so that the high school principal and the superintendent could have a word with them, because the elementary principal was out for the day.

I still had 10 minutes left.

Those other kids are angels. They all got stickers.

The girl, meanwhile, continued to be disruptive, but evidently not as bad as she had been all day. She got a sticker, but she didn't deserve it. She screwed around with her sticker (putting it in inappropriate places, etc.), while the other kids just thanked me and kept theirs on their shirts.

Then 4th grade, and comparatively, they were angels. But usually they are a tough class.

After school I had to write up the kindergarteners (!!!!) and dialogue with the one teacher about them.

Then I had to go get my car fixed.

I need to buy a new tire. And they're doing that right now.

Such is my day. I need a hug. And some Prozac. ;)

Oh, and an aside: the kindergarteners were like that AFTER they had been yelled at by the superintendent of schools once already that day. wow.


Blogger trusty getto said...

Hang in there. It'll get better, really :)

I'm kinda glad I'm on the Board. I only have to deal with disruptive grownups ;^)

September 27, 2005 7:37 PM  

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