Thursday, September 15, 2005

surveys, to feed my vice.

These answers belong to: me
Who is around the age of: 24
Which makes them a/an: Scorpio
Who can be found at/in: my home
Your first best friend was named: Colleen
You’ve moved this many times: 12
You first word was: dada
Your first swear word was: I don't know... damn?
Your first job was: greasy worker at Lupo's
Favorite TV shows as a kid: Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
Favorite books as a kid: Little Brown Bear, the Little House books.
Favorite movies as a kid: Wizard of Oz
Favorite foods as a kid: Ham and broccoli crepes
Favorite toys as a kid: Barbies
Favorite videogames as a kid: we weren't allowed to have Nintendo until the shrink told us it'd improve my brother's hand-eye coordination, and then I hated it.
Your current best friend is named: JJ
Your significant other is named: JJ
Current Job: K-12 music teacher
Current Obsessions: how to manage children in a positive way
Current Annoyances: children who do not listen.
Favorite TV shows: CSI, NCIS, MASH
Favorite books: Evensong by Gail Godwin
Favorite movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Gone With the Wind,
Favorite foods: nutritious, creamy, flavorful
Favorite toys: Patrick the Pup
Favorite videogames: I hate them. Go outside and get some exercise.
Where you see yourself next year: teaching some more, with better control over my classes.
In two years: teaching some more, with still better control over my classes, and better curriculum development.
In five years: with JJ.
In twenty years: with JJ.
In fifty years: with JJ.
Future son’s name: anything except Nick, Josh, Kyle, Tyler, Zach, Chris, Willie, Greg...
Future daughter’s name: anything except another list of students who misbehave...
How the world will probably end: when the sun dies and heats everything up too much.
What happens after you die: your soul goes on to another life, unless it has reached ultimate enlightenment.
Organized religion: is man-made. God is not.
Child sponsorship: how do you sponsor a child?
Subliminal messages in music: exist.
Abortion: yucks me out.
Adoption: is a good idea.
Gay Marriage: would be very good for me.
Euthanasia: yucks me out.
Underage drinking: is a bad idea. people need to grow up and learn to be responsible.
Artistic Censorship: is a bad idea. people need to grow up.
The one-child policy: is not as bad as you might think... especially with some of the parents I've met.
Vegetarianism: is fine as long as you monitor your nutrition.
Atheism: is fine for others, but not for me.
Pornography: is pretty darn gross.
Racial profiling: is stupid.
Hunting for sport: is stupid.
“Happy Holidays” vs. “Merry Christmas”: oh say "Merry Christmas" at Christmas and "Happy Hanukkah" at Hanukkah, and all that.
Most likely to owe you $10 in the not so distant future: no one, because I usually don't lend money.
Most likely to end up stranded at an airport somewhere: me
Most likely to end up in jail and call you to bail them out: my brother.
Most spoiled: some of my students.
Most selfless: JJ and Jessie
Could very well be secretly gay: an old ex of mine.
Has the best house: me, because it means I have a home.
Has the best clothes: J Crew.
Has the best taste in music: depends on what you like.
Is the most gullible: little kids.
Full of the useless information: my dad.
Knows secrets about you no one else does: JJ
Has seen you cry: almost all of my friends.
Has cried with you: many of my friends.
Has seen you drunk: JJ?
Has been drunk with you: I'm not sure, because I don't get drunk much, if at all.
Acts most like their zodiac sign: don't know.
Acts least like their zodiac sign: don't know.
If you had to, you’d switch wardrobes with: JJ.
If you had to, you’d switch families with: Chris (his parents are hilarious)
If you had to, you’d switch houses with: no one.
How you take your coffee: I don't.
How you take your tea: I don't.
How you take your liquor: red wine in a glass please.
The most wonderful time of the year: winter.
I’d rather be: sleeping.
My other car is a: hybrid.
Honk if you’re: stupid enough to create unnecessary noise.
Your personal icons or heros: Napoleon Dynamite?
Girls are made of: all kinds of good stuff.
Boys are made of: hormones.
Three words describing the person you took this from: funny, beautiful smile, creative
Your dream pet: a dog.
Your dream vacation: Winter Park, CO.
Your dream job: teaching well-behaved children who want to learn. I have the first word, but not the others.


Blogger Courtney said...

I loved the Little House books as a kid too. And as an adult as well, who am I kidding?

Glad you liked Aunt Fugly, and thanks for the link. Come by any time.

September 17, 2005 10:23 AM  
Anonymous Molly said...

Barbies?? *laff* i was hooked on G.I. Joes. :-D I did have a Barbie i think...Skipper maybe? i grewup with 4 older brothers, so really, there were many more boy toys around than girl toys.

September 17, 2005 12:22 PM  
Blogger trusty getto said...

Love the "dada." That's of course in the Dadaist movement, right ;^)

OK now, what is a Bunnicula?

September 18, 2005 3:00 PM  

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