Tuesday, October 04, 2005

amazing things.

Today I was in my elementary principal's office, waiting for some information from her (she was on the phone). As I waited, I read a poem that was posted on her bulletin board; it was written last year by one of my favorite students.

The student I speak of is in self-contained special ed classes most of the day. When he comes into my classes, he stops and becomes confused, because he forgets what to do. I have to tell him to come in and sit down every day, because he draws a blank when he walks into my room. I cried when I read his IEP (details of which it is illegal for me to divulge). I'm convinced that he isn't in control of his brain making connections; sometimes it's almost impossible for him to put his fingers down on the right frets on guitar, and other times he spontaneously plays the chords we've learned more beautifully than any of the other kids - even the "shining stars" of the class.

But anyway. Here is his poem, which also made me cry.

I am poem
I am a boy.
I wonder if it is sunny.
I hear a bird.
I see a sun.
I want a toy.
I am a boy.
I pretend to be a dog.
I feel happy.
I touch a desk.
I worry a bout my mom.
I cry when am sad.
I am a boy.
I understand reading.
I say be nice.
I dream a bout my dad.
I try to work.
I hope I have no homework.
I am a boy.
I understand reading.
I say be nice to me.
I dream about my dad.
I try to work.
I hope I have no homework.
I am a boy.

This is why I teach.


Blogger Jess said...

Ok, I want to cry now . . . That was so sweet! What a wonderful little spirit.

Love and miss you!

October 05, 2005 6:19 AM  
Anonymous Michel said...

L ' enseignement est une vocation , en effet .
A propos du poème as - tu remarqué que les vers commencent toujours par " je " .
Il serait intéressant aussi d ' analyser les verbes qu 'il utilise .
En tout cas c ' est son " moi " profond qu 'il exprime si sincèrement . Si sincèrement que cela te fait pleurer mais aussi te donne de l ' énergie .
Amitié à toi Emily

October 06, 2005 9:34 AM  

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