Tuesday, October 18, 2005

small victories

Small victories are worth all the defeat.

I've been having trouble with the kindergarteners this year. They are notoriously difficult for ALL of the teachers. On the first day of school, one of the kids told his classroom teacher to "f--- off." I've had kids scream obscenities at me and crawl under the table and bark like dogs. There's one boy who does not respond to anything, and lives in his own little world. During music, he just lies down on the floor and sucks his thumb. Fine. He's easier to deal with than the barking ones.

Anyway; the kindergarten classes are putting together a cutsey little show for a pep rally. They're doing a cowboy theme: dancing a line dance and singing "Home on the Range." Fun.

Well, we had a "practice" yesterday in the gym (I played guitar and they sang). Having them in the gym instead of the art/music room made all the difference in the world. They had room to move. (If we're in "my" classroom, they have to sit still at tables. In the gym, there's a floor and nothing else.) So we did movement activities, we never sat still for more than a minute or two. And they were wonderful. We had such a good time.

Today I took the other class into the gym and did the same type of activities. They were a dream come true.

Small victories. Now, if only I can get into the gym EVERY time we have kindergarten music.