Sunday, November 13, 2005

piano music

So I know this guy Malcolm, who's a composer-pianist-music director at a church. He has some published music out there(click here) that's really quite fantastic.

I had his email address a while back, and I just sent him an email that waxed rhapsodic about how much I loved his music. It just bounced back, which tells me that his email address is definitely different.

I have to get it off my chest somewhere.

So, Malcolm,

it's been a while. I know it's been a while. When I left Rotterdam/Schenectady with all my vows to stay in touch with such wonderful people, I never thought life would come up behind me, whack me upside the head, and land me in the situations I'm in lately.

But they're mostly good... even though they're still my excuse for disappearing.

The catalyst for my writing to you: a senior-citizen's luncheon on Thursday at 1:10 pm in the Hancock Central School cafeteria. (I'm the choral director/peon/musical slave there.) I'm supposed to provide about 10 minutes of music for the cute little old ladies (and perhaps old men). So I'm having my chamber choir sing their concert program, and I thought that since I don't have any classes in the afternoon, I'll just sit and play a few carols on ye olde piano(e) and make 'em smile into their gravy... even though it's a bit premature for Christmas music, that's what they want for music.

Of course I thought of you and your Piano Reflections. So I dug 'em out of my file cabinet, started playing, and had a grand time. "Away in a Manger" is beautiful, poignant, peaceful... everything it should be. "What Child is This" is still my father's favorite Christmas carol because of you.

and then there's "Silent Night."

I know from you telling me that you simplified it for publication for piano-morons like me (and trust me, it's plenty difficult simplified - I bow reverently in awe of your ability to play this and think it up!), but I'm almost glad you did simplify it, because

it is perfect.

You outdid yourself. Every time I fumble through it, I'm just amazed at its... organic wholeness (to borrow a term from aesthetics class).

I'm obsessed with it. It's wonderful. I'm in awe (I think I said that already, but I am).

THANK YOU for writing it.
Thank you even more for publishing it!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Go buy Malcolm's music. Especially his piano arrangements of Christmas carols.


Blogger trusty getto said...

Hopefully he'll read it on your blog, eh?

Any link to Malcolm's music, Emily?x

November 14, 2005 12:39 PM  
Blogger trusty getto said...

Just checked it out. Beautiful player! Thanks!

November 14, 2005 9:30 PM  

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