Sunday, January 22, 2006


Well, a decision was made, and,

no dog.

The idea originally came when JJ found the two pretty little girls (seen below) available as retirees from a breeding program. She thought she'd get one, and I thought it'd be awfully nice to have the other, and that way they'd get to see each other once in a while. Things were brewing along nicely, and JJ called the owner to talk to her about the doggies, and asked about coming out to see them and pick them up in person instead of having them shipped.

I can't imagine the levels of stress that must be inflicted when a dog gets shipped. I just can't think it's humane in the least.

Well, in the conversation, JJ found out that
they live in a barn (not good for min-pins. In fact, the min-pin book I have says that they should not be outdoor dogs in any circumstance).
and she got a small gut feeling that the lady was operating a...

puppy mill.

And then I looked at their stomachs in the pictures.

And then I remembered Michel's comment that they looked a little ill-at-ease.

And I felt terrible about it.

But no dog. One part of me wants to take those girls away from all that, but another part of me worries about how much work it would be to "rescue" these dogs that would never be truly ours.

Someday, I will have a doggie. Just not now.


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