Monday, February 13, 2006

lists are fun!

Things I have done today:

  • Taught 5 classes and two voice lessons
  • Comforted a crying fifth grader with a funny story and a watermelon tootsie pop
  • cooked a tasty dinner loosely based on the Mitford cookbook by Jan Karon
  • seasoned a cast-iron Dutch oven that used to be my dad's that had lost its seasoning
  • downloaded a whole bunch of songs for my 5th graders' music soundtrack project
  • wrote lesson plans for next week and the week after
  • proctored a study hall
  • did bus duty
  • had a blues cafe with my 4th graders
  • watched TV
  • blogged :)
  • washed lots of dishes
  • yelled at TS for running down the hallway only to hear him say, "WHAT?! I didn't hit anyone!"
  • helped a kindergartener color
  • mailed out my application to Crane, officially
  • begged my two favorite reference letter writers for letters of reference
  • talked on the phone
  • put leftover dinner into gladware
  • chatted with Gracie for 2.5 seconds or so
  • took a shower
  • blowdried my hair
  • shaved my legs and armpits
  • put on pajamas
  • ordered a NYSSMA manual
  • went shopping for teacher clothes online, but bought nothing
  • etc. etc.

all in all, a productive day.

Tomorrow, I must:

  • teach 3 classes and 2 voice lessons (the easiest day in the cycle, unless I tell you which 3 classes!)
  • work on my curriculum map
  • write sub plans for the 21st
  • turn in my lesson plans to the elementary school
  • make thank-you cards for the secretary and reading recovery teacher for coming to the blues cafe
  • go to dinner with John to celebrate singles' awareness day
  • figure out something romantic to surprise JJ with
  • notify the union that I can't come to the meeting because I have to teach voice lessons
  • start packing my suitcase
  • eat supper
  • email Dr. Nolker to ask his advice for when I'll be in Greensboro
  • watch the Charlie Brown Valentine's Day special
  • watch NCIS if possible

not a bad day ahead. I'm still riding on the waves of business... and joy of seeing JJ FRIDAY!!!!


Blogger Jess said...

Wow, I am totally impressed. I also feel like a total slacker now. ;) You're making the rest of us normal people look bad! (just kidding. heehee)

Oooh, Charlie Brown's on tomorrow, huh? Oh RATS, I'm going to be out tomorrow night, I forgot. I mean, I'm at a concert so I'll be having fun, but still. Oh well.

Say hi to JJ and give her a big ol' hug for me, will ya? If there's time I would love to talk to both of you this weekend, just like olden times. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart - I love you!!!! *big hugs*

February 13, 2006 9:40 PM  

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