Sunday, March 26, 2006

All County 2006

Every year, Binghamton University hosts 3 All-County festivals in our area. I just attended Festival 2 this weekend with 7 of my best and brightest 5th graders. While they sang for many hours at a time, I spent most of my time watching rehearsal and schmoozing with other music teachers in the area. My buddy Al was also there with some of his best and brightest, except he's a BAND director, so we had to sneak out of our respective rehearsals to engage in our normal tomfoolery. So - while things got boring and we both trusted that our kids would be adequately busy to avoid misbehavior, we ran around the Anderson Center for the Performing Arts (awesome facility!), taking funny pictures. I thought about putting together a powerpoint show called "what teachers REALLY do at All-County" but I decided against it. These are the photographic results.

Photo 1 (above): Help! I'm being eaten by a giant Coke machine!

Photo 2: There was this black granite plaque of the namesake of one of the theatres on the wall, and the guy looks like a grumpy old curmudgeon (but for all I know, he was a genius or is still alive and caught me doing this). So I saw it and said, "ooh, he's HOT!" and proceeded to pretend to worship the plaque.

Al and I love to mug for cameras, and this was one of those instances. He calls me "Em-wee" and so he said, "awww, Em-wee!" and I said "aw, Al!" and then we took the picture that showcases my very yellow-looking teeth.

And, of course, in the lobby of the concert hall, there are big potted TREES! So I climbed into one, and we thought it looked like a great jungle shot. It's one of my favorites of the day. Posted by Picasa

I have this one student who got an ipod Nano for Christmas, and she LOVES it. She also carries it EVERYWHERE she goes. I was appointed guardian of her iPod during the rehearsals - a task she took VERY seriously. So, of course, I had to do the swallow-the-ipod trick just to freak her out. We showed the picture to her with the digicam, but she knew it was a trick. Darn.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

dang-blasted kids.

Yeah, I had a rough day at school today. Rough day begets angst. Angst begets poetry.

First poem in many moons.

Every day I sing you a love song
from the deepest depths of my heart,
only to have it thrown back in my face
as a shallow mockery
of that which I find precious and breakable.

Every day I go home hurting
because I have failed
to break the nastiness you wear as a shield -
to get to the you inside.

Every morning I come back for more.
I still sing to you.
I still pray that one day,
sons of Adam and daughters of Eve,
you will notice
that I notice all the things
you hope I miss.

Right now you don’t hear me,
and that’s all right,
because now is the present.

You are the singers of the future.
And, whether you know it or not,
I trust you
and I respect you
for all this.

Someday you will make me proud with your singing.

But today and tomorrow
I must still sing for you
even if my song
gets thrown back in my face.
c. 2006, EMB

Sunday, March 19, 2006

this week

shall be an insane week.

To do tomorrow:
  • run state competition form to post office and overnight it to Sidney
  • deal with budget paperwork for said form
  • deal with budget paperwork for fundraising
  • try to schedule practices with the second graders for their pep rally on Friday
  • record myself playing guitar and singing "Blow the Man Down" and "A Pirate's Life"
  • practice piano
  • check logistics for concert
  • write letter to parents about videotaping
  • distribute letter
  • get videotaped
  • make intro to Irish music lesson plans
  • burn a million CD's or so for my 5th graders
  • xerox, xerox, and xerox (sssh)
  • write my 678 plans for the rest of the week and next

ha! For your amusement, I give you my entry to the Cuteness Overload blog. It's the weiner dog, in her favorite chair, with her second-favorite toy.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

de retour

yup, I'm back, after a long absence.

Many reasons.
First: I had a very demanding little dog for about 12 days. Cute, wonderful, and I kinda miss her, but boy oh boy was it ever exhausting.
second: before the dog left, JJ got here. She stayed here after the dog left. It was wonderful, but also very busy.

But, here's a brief photo montage of the happenings of the past week or so.

Last Friday (not this past one, but Friday a week ago), my mom got her head almost-shaved. It was part of some kind of fundraiser effort for school to help Katrina victims. It looks better than I thought it would. She left it grey for a few days, but then she tried to dye it brown again. Trust me when I tell you it looks better grey. The photo shows her head the day she got buzzed.

That was a pretty fun adventure to begin with. But last night, after going out to a very yummy dinner, JJ and I discovered a bag o' hats and wigs in the kitchen. Evidently one of Mom's book-club friends offered the loan of some head-warming devices. JJ and I jumped on it, and so did Mom. Dad found it appropriate to go upstairs and get the camera. The following hilarity ensued.

JJ in purple/pink, me in green, and Mom in rasta-man.

of course, JJ and I thought everything was just hilarious, and laughed heartily while wig-trading.

Mom had a little trouble figuring out the green one, though. She plans to wear it to school on Friday.

Don't hate us because we are beautiful.