Tuesday, March 21, 2006

dang-blasted kids.

Yeah, I had a rough day at school today. Rough day begets angst. Angst begets poetry.

First poem in many moons.

Every day I sing you a love song
from the deepest depths of my heart,
only to have it thrown back in my face
as a shallow mockery
of that which I find precious and breakable.

Every day I go home hurting
because I have failed
to break the nastiness you wear as a shield -
to get to the you inside.

Every morning I come back for more.
I still sing to you.
I still pray that one day,
sons of Adam and daughters of Eve,
you will notice
that I notice all the things
you hope I miss.

Right now you don’t hear me,
and that’s all right,
because now is the present.

You are the singers of the future.
And, whether you know it or not,
I trust you
and I respect you
for all this.

Someday you will make me proud with your singing.

But today and tomorrow
I must still sing for you
even if my song
gets thrown back in my face.
c. 2006, EMB


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ce poème semble reprocher quelque chose à quelqu 'un . A qui s ' adresse - t - il ? A Dieu ??

Et je n ' ai pas compris certains mots comme " dang - blasted kids " " angst begets poetry " .
Merci Emily pour tes félicitations pour notre anniversaire de mariage .
Amitié à toi
Michel de Xanga

March 22, 2006 1:36 PM  

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