Thursday, April 06, 2006

evil coke machine

Michel wins the quote of the day award. He was commenting on this picture. My very loose translation of what he said is:

"I've always thought that Coke was dangerous. Not too surprising that you were eaten by this Satanic machine then."

Michel is awesome.

He got me thinking about EATING things. Namely, unusual things. And then I started thinking about the pictures that I unsuccessfully tried to post with the original all-county pics. Here are the strange eating pictures.

First, here I am trying to swallow the logo for a play that was being advertised.

And then, of course, I tried to eat my one student's iPod nano. She was compulsive about my "guarding" it during rehearsals, and so of course I did. But every time there was a break, she'd ask me, "how's my iPod?" So, of course, I decided that I MUST do the eat-the-ipod trick and send her a copy of the picture. I titled it, "YUM, IPOD!"

Thanks, Michel, for the inspiration. I've been sick lately (severe laryngitis, which makes teaching chorus a bit difficult!!!), so it's been hard to think of something to write.

Out of Michel-oriented courtesy: Merci, Michel, de l'inspiration. Vous êtes, comme toujours, magnifique. :-)


Blogger Jess said...

You make me smile. :)

It was good to talk to you for a few minutes last night - I missed hearing your voice.

Hope you're starting to feel better, darling. I love you lots!

April 06, 2006 7:05 PM  
Anonymous Michel said...

je suis heureux que mon modeste commentaire ait mis une pey de sel supplémentaire dans ta joie de vivre et manger !! :)
Amitié à toi Emily

April 14, 2006 3:43 AM  

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